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Brief Motivational Interviewing

$125 Registration Fee. Blended Course 2 parts; Part 1 Online and Part 2 In Person Live Practice September 14, 2019 Brief means you can use these techniques in 5-10 minute segments during a clinic visit, ED encounter, throughout your shift on an inpatient unit, and/or during home visits. Imagine making the short encounters you have with patients incredibly productive. The evidence says it is possible when you learn and use Brief MI techniques! Online content is now open, in-person practice.

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7th Annual Cultural Inclusion Institute

Conference April 22-23, 2020 Theme: Advancing Knowledge, Cultural Inclusivity & Social Justice Related to the Impact of Human Trafficking in Primary Care Settings Coming Soon! Call for Abstracts Early fee $200 Regular fee $275

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Error Free Dosage Calculation

PREVENT MEDICATION ERRORS! Errors in dosage calculation contribute to medication errors. Dimensional analysis has been shown to REDUCE DOSAGE CALCULATION ERRORS, particularly for COMPLEX IV MEDICATIONS. Online Course open NOW.

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