Call for Abstracts – conference

Poster Presentations will be presented on Wednesday, April 6, 2022 during evening reception

  • Poster Competition: all presented posters will be entered in the poster competition. The committee will judge based on submission criteria, format, and your verbal presentation during the session. Awards will be given out during the wrap up on Thursday afternoon.

Conference Learning Outcomes
1.      Eighty percent of the attendees will identify at least one way they will change their practice in caring for the most vulnerable in relation to Racial and Social Justice issues related to health.

2.      Attendees will discuss the public healthcare response and interprofessional education required to address vulnerable populations.

3.      Attendees will identify barriers to racial/social justice through discussion of national policy or legislative initiatives that affect vulnerable populations.

Abstract topics (but NOT limited to)

1.      What makes you vulnerable? Race, Culture, Socioeconomic Status, Gender
2.      Educating healthcare and behavioral professionals about social determinants of health
3.      What are you doing to address Racial/Social Injustices?
4.      Addressing domestic and international vulnerable populations
5.      Educating communities about social determinants of health
6.      Emerging models/frameworks in delivering trauma informed healthcare and behavioral health treatments
7.      Advocacy and social action
8.      Treating vulnerable populations in the primary care setting
9.      Addressing social/racial Justice in your work environment and academic setting
10.   Increasing youth awareness about racial/social justice
11.   How social media and technology affect racial/social justice issues


1.      Prior to submitting your abstract, all listed authors must complete the online biographical data form and disclosure

2.      Follow the format listed below – THERE IS NOT WORD COUNT, KEEP THE ABSTRACT TO 1 PAGE

3.      All accepted podiums & poster presenters must REGISTER, pay the registration fee and are also responsible for their registration fee, travel, and all expenses related to the conference.
4.      Submit abstract as an email attachment in MS Word format (do not use PDF) to Cindy

5.      Attach your CV to the abstract email.

Format & Acceptance
1.      MS Word document font 12 Times New Roman list in this order:

2.      Abstract title (do not put in all caps)

3.      Presenting author’s name, credentials, title, organization name, email and phone #

4.      Additional authors’ names, credentials, title, organization

5.      Identify Poster

6.     Abstract content- must include:

  • Problem/Purpose relevant to conference theme/objectives
  • Background
  • Discussion of issue or concepts/variables of interest
  • Population, sample, setting if research & description of community resource
  • Methods (research) or interventions (practice/teaching)
  • Findings, conclusions & implications
  • References (required)

7.      Poster submission Deadline: March 4, 2022

8.      Confirmation of receipt of abstract will be emailed only to the first author, please allow a few business days.

9       Acceptance of abstracts for Poster Presentation will be emailed on an ongoing basis.