To Change or Not to Change?

“Why is change so hard?” I hear this statement often for the patients I see in primary care. From taking a medication as prescribed to tobacco cessation – change is hard. Many of the conditions health professionals treat are chronic conditions – which are heavily influenced by lifestyle and behavior modifications. What is a health […]

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Patient-Centered Care: From Patient to Partner

DeJuan Patterson

Last month I had the pleasure of serving as a keynote speaker during the Re-Imagining Health Care Conference hosted by UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing. The conference focused on community based care. An amazing aspect of the conference was the common theme that permeated the event. The Re-Imagining Health Care Conference’s diverse panels […]

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Highlights from Re-Imagining Healthcare: A Life-Course Approach to Community Based Care

  It is always magical when a conference exceeds expectations. That is exactly what happened during the Re-Imagining Healthcare conference last week. As we shared in an earlier blog, the UT Health San Antonio School of Nursing embarked on a journey to re-imagine healthcare, which was, quite frankly, a little scary. How do you market […]

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Re-Imagining Healthcare

Healthcare has long been focused primarily on fixing problems. While prevention has also been a buzzword for many years, the emphasis remains heavily on the idea of responding to a problem once the patient presents. Obviously, healthcare professionals will always need to be capable of dealing with problems after they occur. People will get sick. But […]

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