Call for Abstracts for Podium & Poster Presentations

6th Annual Cultural Inclusion Institute: Promoting Health & Wellbeing Through Social Justice & Cultural Inclusivity

Conference: April 24-25, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas

Conference Details:

 Podium presentations will be 30 minutes in length to include question and answer time.

 Poster Presentations will be on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 from 5:30-6:30 PM

  • Poster Competition: all presented posters will be entered into the poster competition. The committee will judge based on submission criteria, format, and your verbal presentation during the session.
  • Awards will be given out during the wrap up on Thursday afternoon. Top prize is an iPad! 

Conference Learning Outcomes

  1. Employ leadership strategies that promote cultural inclusivity
  2. Recognize the social justice advocacy role of healthcare professionals
  3. Apply strategies to discern personal implicit biases
  4. Assess the impact of implicit bias in healthcare

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Review the Conference Theme and Learning Outcomes. We are interested in submissions that are focused on one or more of the conference learning outcomes.
  2. All listed authors must complete (prior to submitting) the online biographical data form and disclosure
  3. All accepted podiums & poster presenters must register, pay the registration fee and are responsible for their registration fee, travel, and all expenses related to the conference.


  1. MS Word document font 12 Times New Roman list in this order
  2. Abstract title (do not put in all caps)
  3. Presenting author’s name, credentials, title, organization name, email and phone #
  4. Additional authors’ names, credentials, title, organization
  5. Identify which learning out come your abstract addresses, can be more than one
  6. Identify Poster or Podium (can list both)
  7. Abstract content- must include:
  8. Problem/Purpose relevant to conference theme/objectives
  9. Background
  10. Discussion of issue or concepts/variables of interest
  11. Population, sample, setting if research & description of community resource
  12. Methods (research) or interventions (practice/teaching)
  13. Findings, conclusions & implications
  14. References (required)

Submission & Acceptance

  1. Podium Submission Deadline: January 25th & Poster Submission Deadline: March 1st
  2. Submit abstract as an email attachment in MS Word format (do not PDF) to
  3. Confirmation of receipt of abstract will be emailed only to the first author, please allow a few business days.
  4. Acceptance of abstracts for Podium Presentation will be emailed to the first author in early February.
  5. Acceptance of abstracts for Poster Presentation will be emailed on an ongoing basis.